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some kid in my class wrote an essay about how it never explicitly says Beowulf isn’t a robot

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I’ve never met Chris Pratt but I trust him

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     all text posts in october must be
              formatted like this


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people shit on math and science because they’re not good at it y’all are like “being amazing at math and science doesn’t make you intelligent” nah man it literally does it’s just that if you aren’t amazing at math and science it doesn’t mean you’re unintelligent don’t shit on other people’s talents simply because they aren’t yours

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he keeps getting stuck in the couch

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i am firmly pro selfie. i am firmly pro millennial. i am firmly pro any topic or issue that gets baby boomers to write pissed off articles in salon or slate or the guardian about how the millennial generation is fucked up and narcissistic and lazy and will never be taken seriously by established powers.

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omg damn


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